My Butterfly Epiphany

If we’re willing to listen to the quiet whispers, if we’re willing to be open to receiving the messages we need, they come. They often come when we least expect them. Like at 3:00am. But they come.

The Holidays and the Heart Chakra

It’s the holiday season, time for joy and cheer and… for many people, overwhelming emotions, depression, anxiety, and a desire to hide from the world.  We can make it through the holiday season relatively unscathed with just a few energetic rituals.

A Rusty, Old Airplane: Dream Interpretation

I dreamt I had to get on an airplane.  It was old.  It was rusty.  I was terrified that it wouldn’t survive the flight and that it was going to crash.  And yet, I still boarded the plane and it took off.  I remember during the flight, looking out at the wing and seeing bitsContinue reading “A Rusty, Old Airplane: Dream Interpretation”