My 2022 Wheel of the Year

My 2022 Wheel of the Year spread using my Dreams of Gaia Tarot

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New Year’s resolutions? Bah! I don’t do those. Instead, every year on New Year’s Eve, I draw either tarot or oracle cards using a spread created by my friend Lionharts.  The past two years were so crazy that I drew the cards on New Year’s Eve but didn’t really analyze them.  In hindsight, I should have.  I might have managed the last two years a bit better than I did.  This year, I decided to draw cards from a deck I love but don’t often use because it doesn’t exactly correlate to the traditional <a href="http://<iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> Rider Waite Smith card meanings. 

I chose my Dreams of Gaia Tarot because I knew it would force me to actually read the cards’ meanings rather than making simple assumptions based on my knowledge of the RWS cards. The Minor Arcana are somewhat similar in both, in that the suits are essentially the same: wands/fire, cups/water, swords/air, and pentacles/earth. The individual card meanings, however, don’t match. The Major Arcana are entirely different in the two decks. So I knew that this reading would force me to pay attention.

The spread begins at the top, with January in the 12:00 position and moves clockwise. The outlying card is the shadow card, which I pull to better understand what aspect of my shadow I need to acknowledge and reconcile during the year. The images are all from Ravynne Phelan’s personal site and are the actual artwork of the cards (which can be purchased individually), with links provided.

If you’re interested in learning more about our shadows, check out one of the following books:

Theme for the Year:  7 of Water (reversed)

The 7 of Water represents letting go and surrendering to the flow of life, and doing so with complete faith and trust.  Reversed, this card signifies an inability or unwillingness to yield and be flexible.  I am advised to remember that what does not bend will eventually break.  Circumstances over the past couple years have hardened me and I have been carrying a protective shell.  This card tells me it’s time to allow the river of life to wash away this protective shell and adopt a gentle, more flowing outlook.  I am invited to let go of resistance, become open to potentialities, and to be peaceful and gentle—with others and with myself.  So apparently, this year will be one of releasing the past, dropping my defenses, and allowing whatever flows into or out of my life to do so without trying to control the outcome.  And here I thought 2022 would be easier on me, lol.

January:  King of Earth

The King of Earth signifies success, authority, and pride in one’s accomplishments.  This card encourages me to celebrate my successes, no matter how small or large.  To be sure, I need to beware of others’ feelings and choose my moments to rejoice, I need to remember that celebrating isn’t arrogant or boastful and I have every right to celebrate my achievements and take pride in my accomplishments.

February:  Intuition

Intuition is our sixth sense, that feeling in our gut, that inner knowing that we can’t explain but we just know.  This card suggests that in February, I will be called to strengthen my intuition, to place more trust in it, and to listen, observe, and learn.  I am advised to return to a regular practice of daily tarot or oracle readings to assist with this endeavor.  I am also encouraged to think less, as my head often leads me astray.

March:  King of Air

The King of Air signifies someone who is not only a fair and just leader, but who has learned from life’s experiences.  This card suggests that in March, I may need to seek out a wise and fair expert to assist with legal or financial issues, or perhaps an infringement on my personal rights.  Hmmm… should I be worried?  This card tells me that in seeking wise counsel, I will be guided, but that I also need to present my case, be direct and to the point, and then refuse to be drawn into further debate.  In other words, stand my ground.  I can do this.

April:  9 of Water (reversed)

The 9 of Water represents a need to embrace an open heart, allow the light of love to transform and heal emotional pain, and turn it into knowledge that sets us free.  Reversed, this card signifies either an unwillingness to look at our emotional reactions and accept responsibility for them or an unwillingness to look at (or for) the source of our emotional reactions.  This is often caused by a fear of dredging up old memories and the pain associated with them.  This card is offering an opportunity to acknowledge the truth and encourages me to not avoid what needs to be done simply because I’m afraid of experiencing pain in the short term.  The pain will pass and will open me to a better and happier future.

May:  Queen of Fire

The Queen of Fire represents a strong, powerful woman who is not afraid to go after her desires.  She is focused, determined, and optimistic, but also a very primal and sensual woman who engages her senses in everything she does.  This card is asking me to be positive and optimistic in the month of May, to focus on the pleasures of life, and to enjoy whatever I do.  I am also advised to be fearless and to stop second-guessing myself.  In other words, for this month, I am encouraged to live a full life and to be present in every moment.

June:  Death/Rebirth (reversed)

The Death/Rebirth card symbolizes cycles and change, the death of the old and the birth of the new.  Reversed, this card tells me it’s time to take a long, hard look at my life and understand that it’s time to let go.  I will no longer be able to live in a state of limbo.  The life I wanted (or had) is gone and it’s time to let go.  This will be a dark night of the soul (again… *sigh*) that might last days, weeks, months, or years, but it will eventually come to an end.  I will likely find myself questioning everything, filled with doubts, uncertain of who I am, and questioning my purpose and reason for being.  I will likely even question my worth.  And all that is okay.  This card is telling me that June will be the time to let go of my attachment to what was, what I hoped for, and what will no longer be, and to accept what is and start living again.  Well this seems pretty ominous.  Geez.   

July:  12 of Air—the Scribe

The Scribe is the record-keeper—the keeper of all knowledge about past, present, and future.  The Scribe possesses knowledge and wisdom about the diversity of history, philosophy, law, the arts, math, science, and current and future events.  The Scribe is on a perpetual quest for knowledge and is often feared by those who want to control information and knowledge.  The Scribe is a true critical thinker.  This card appears to encourage me to document my life’s journey, whether through writing, photos, journaling, a blog… Whatever form I choose, I am encouraged to ensure that it is in a format that can be preserved, enjoyed, and remembered.  I suspect that, in addition to the books I have already written or am writing, I will be encouraged to write a memoir in July.  I have thought about doing this for years.  Perhaps this is the time to actually do it.

August:  Queen of Earth (reversed)

The Queen of Earth symbolizes a real, authentic, earth mother personality.  She is larger than life and possesses an abundant, generous, and grounded nature.  She is realistic but she sees magick everywhere.  Reversed, she cautions against making the home a hiding place and shutting out those who care about me.  To be sure, the home should be a sanctuary, but periods of isolation should be temporary.  In August, I will need to remember that I am not meant to be alone, that there are people who love me and support me, and that I need to let them in.

September:  The Mother

The Mother is a nurturer, protector, and creator, the very essence of non-sexual intimacy, patience, compassion, unconditional love, and forgiveness—willing to place her child’s needs before her own.  But her love isn’t limited to her own children.  In fact, she extends her unconditional love to all who dwell in the world without questioning whether or not they deserve her love.  She gives without hesitation or reservation.  The Mother also symbolizes a fertile and abundant mind, a mind where ideas take root, and she is willing to nurture those ideas and provide whatever is necessary for them to grown and bloom.  This card appears to tell me that in September, I will be asked to let go of my fears and to accept the outcome that manifests and to trust that whatever happens is for my highest good.  I will be encouraged to remember that sometimes, the outcome I desire is not necessarily the outcome that is best for me and I need to accept and unconditionally love whatever comes into my life, knowing that it is an opportunity to learn, and to become stronger and more compassionate.

October:  11 of Water—Emotion/Intellect

The 11 of Water is a balancing and realignment card that addresses any emotional disharmony that might be influencing my choices and my environment.  This card signifies a need to see that I am often motivated by dual forces at the same time—love/fear, justice/injustice, creation/destruction, trust/doubt—and that my actions are motivated by both in equal measure.  One cannot exist without the other.  October will force me to recognize that I need to find a healthy balance so that fear (or other negative motivations) do not become the dominant force preventing me from breaking free from painful situations or relationships, thereby preventing me from leading a happy and productive life.  Because this card also addresses the subject of suppression and expression, I will be forced to acknowledge that suppressing emotions can cause actual illness.  Emotional stress can manifest in the form of depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammation throughout the body and, in turn, disease or dis-ease.  There are real and life-threatening consequences to suppressing fear, anger, sorrow, and other weightier emotions.  While I will not be asked to live life on an even keel, I will be asked to express the emotions so I can begin to live my life with more ease.  I will be asked to be mindful about my emotions and to not ignore them. 

November:  Queen of Air (reversed)

The Queen of Air is one who, at times, may seem cold and distant, lacking in empathy and compassion.  It’s not true, though.  She is a critical thinker with an analytic mind who is more comfortable interacting with others on an intellectual level.  She is observant and can see connections and patterns where others cannot.  Reversed, she cautions against believing that her intellect makes her superior to those who are more emotionally sensitive or compassionate, because it will result in her being isolated or alone.  This card tells me that in November, I will be asked to acknowledge that understanding and empathy will more readily open minds than will intellect.  I will be asked to accept that emotional sensitivity is not necessarily a bad thing.

December:  9 of Fire (reversed)

The 9 of Fire symbolizes attainment, the ease that comes with knowing what to do with the knowledge and practical skills earned through study, hard work, and dedication.  It symbolizes putting knowledge and learning into practice.  Reversed, this card asks if I am making things more difficult by overcomplicating them?  In December, I will be advised to remember an important rule:  Keep it Simple.  I will be reminded to not bury myself under the weight of the unnecessary.  I will be asked to simplify my life and how I do things, to declutter, and to lighten my workload.  This will allow me to focus on what is truly important.

Shadow Card:  The Sage (reversed)

I decided to pull a shadow card, which was from the bottom of the deck, to determine what I might need to work on throughout the year.  The Sage is one who is entertaining, expressive, knowledgeable, and just a bit mystical and wizard-like, one who is perceptive and who is a storyteller at heart.  The Sage is a master communicator who is passionate about sharing knowledge.  Reversed, the Sage can be absent-minded and a bit self-absorbed, preferring to talk rather than listen.  Reversed, the Sage also hates to be wrong and can appear to be arrogant.  Throughout the year, I will need to work on accepting criticism, acknowledging when I’m wrong, and learning humility. 

Some Observations

was initially quite distressed about my interpretations, fearing that the wheel is predicting the dissolution of my marriage, so I sat down with my husband to discuss it. His interpretation, his “vibe” from the cards was very different than mine. He believes it has more to do with the path I have been walking and the business goals I have been pursuing. He interprets the spread as an indication that I need to make a choice to narrow my interests and to be open to opportunities I may not have considered.

Admittedly, it’s difficult to read for oneself because we tend to jump to conclusions or, in my case, automatically think the worst and then begin to catastrophize. I’m trying to keep an open mind and have decided to focus on my writing (I submitted a book proposal) and my deck creation (I’m creating two oracle decks), and to forget about the products and services I have been trying to create, at least for now. There are some chakra gift cards I created in my shop but that’s it.

Happy New Year! I hope this year blesses you with abundance, health, and happiness.

Published by Lisa R. Barry, Ph.D.

Life Story Coach, Shamanic Life Coach, Reiki Master, WomanSpeak Circle Leader, Tarot & Oracle Reader, Wisdom of the Serpent Oracle & Guidebook Creator, Witch, Chakra Healer, Crystal Junkie, Author, Scholar, Former College Professor (25yrs), Speaker, Crazy Cat Lady, Hippie Liberal Feminist

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