What I Did Mattered

Full disclosure: speaking truth to power and standing up for what is right and just is not only absolutely the right thing to do, it is difficult. It is consequential… and not necessarily in a good way. I loved my job. I was earning a salary nearly twice what I had ever earned throughout my previous career. I was truly making a difference. . . and it breaks my heart.

Claiming My Power & Owning My Voice

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The Hummingbird at My Window

I attended Mary Morrissey’s Dreambuilder Live Virtual event this past weekend (January 2021). I previously attended the October 2020 Dreambuilder Live, during which I joined the Brave Thinking Masters program through her Brave Thinking Institute. (Note that these links are simply for your benefit. I receive no compensation nor benefit from providing these links.) Now,Continue reading “The Hummingbird at My Window”