The Wisdom of the Serpent

The Wisdom of the Serpent Chakra Oracle deck will appeal not only to snake-lovers but to those who are afraid of snakes as well, making snakes much more understandable and their wisdom much more accessible to our daily lives.

A Rusty, Old Airplane: Dream Interpretation

I dreamt I had to get on an airplane.  It was old.  It was rusty.  I was terrified that it wouldn’t survive the flight and that it was going to crash.  And yet, I still boarded the plane and it took off.  I remember during the flight, looking out at the wing and seeing bitsContinue reading “A Rusty, Old Airplane: Dream Interpretation”

Cooking for the Chakras: Puréed Vegetable Soup for the Lower and Crown Chakras

(This post contains affiliate links. Should you end up purchasing something as a result of one of the links I have included in this post, I might get a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products or services I use regularly (and can provide proof that I use them). I wouldContinue reading “Cooking for the Chakras: Puréed Vegetable Soup for the Lower and Crown Chakras”

Cooking for the Chakras: Corn and Black Bean Soup for the Lower Chakras

This recipe (regular, vegetarian, vegan, low carb, and/or paleo) is comfort food at its finest. It helps ground and boost the energy of the lower chakras to help you feel safe, passionate, confident, and in love with yourself and your life.

Cooking for the Chakras: Root Chakra

Every week, I’ll post a recipe that will help heal and balance a particular chakra. This week, it’s the Root Chakra, which sits at the base of the spine, approximately at the pubic bone. The Root Chakra controls our feelings of safety, security, and groundedness in the world. Safety can be physical safety, emotional safety,Continue reading “Cooking for the Chakras: Root Chakra”

A Hawk Flew Into My Window

So there I was, sitting in my favorite living room chair, drinking coffee, buried under my cat who was on top of me watching the birds through the window. As is typical, the crows were being raucous and making lots of noise. Suddenly my cat jumped and just as she did, a hawk flew full-speedContinue reading “A Hawk Flew Into My Window”