The Wisdom of the Serpent

The Wisdom of the Serpent Chakra Oracle deck, box, and guidebook

Lots of people (books, blogs, influencers) talk about the chakras in an abstract sense, which makes it difficult to understand and apply in our lives.  Others approach the chakras as some mysterious force, much like gravity, and offer rituals and sacred rites to help us connect with this unseen and hidden aspect of our lives and bodies. 

The Wisdom of the Serpent Chakra Oracle

Cards associated with the Root Chakra

There is, however, an actual connection that can be drawn between the chakras, our behavior, and the characteristics of specific snakes, a connection that makes working with the chakras significantly easier and takes the mystery out of it.  I have created an oracle deck designed with this in mind (I’m also shopping a book on the subject to publishers… it’s been rejected three times but I’m not daunted; J.K. Rowling was rejected twenty times before a publisher took a chance on Harry Potter. If she can do it, so can I). This deck will appeal not only to snake-lovers but to those who are afraid of snakes as well, making snakes much more understandable and their wisdom much more accessible to our daily lives.

About Snakes and Serpent Deities

Cards associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

Snakes have been revered across time and across cultures.  The Ancient Maya worshipped Kukulkan, a serpent deity.  The Ancient Aztecs worshipped Quetzalcoatl, also a serpent deity.  The Asp was the symbol of supreme power in Ancient Egypt.  Cleopatra’s crown had a trio of Asps on it and King Tut’s golden headpiece features the Egyptian Cobra, also known as the Asp.  Still today, the Chinese celebrate the dragon, which is a flying serpent. What is it about snakes that elicits both fear and reverence?

That’s what this deck (and the book… I’ll share more about that in another post) is all about.  In addition to learning about these amazing creatures, their unique characteristics, behaviors, & mythologies, the deck demonstrates how the snake is related to the chakra system, and takes us on a transformative journey that will enable us to, like the snake, shed what no longer serves us.

What It Is Not

Cards associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras

This is NOT about kundalini or kundalini awakening.  There are plenty of resources about that and it is far more complicated and potentially dangerous than most people realize.  Kundalini is work that should be done with a master who is experienced at guiding others through the Kundalini enlightenment process.  That is not me nor is it this deck’s focus.  Instead, this is a deck about specific snakes, how their unique behaviors, characteristics, and mythologies align with the energies of specific chakras, and how knowledge of those behaviors, characteristics, and mythologies can help us better understand chakra energy and use the tools they offer to heal and balance our chakras. Each card in the deck also offers practical strategies that enable us to balance our body’s energy and rise above our challenges.

A Simplified Overview

Cards associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras

The Wisdom of the Serpent Chakra Oracle explains the chakras in a very straightforward and simple manner, and then uses the behavior of specific snakes to elucidate the information and help users easily recognize when a particular chakra is out of balance.  Instead of relying on abstract, often ambiguous information, the deck offesr a practical guide for everyday application of the tools and strategies necessary to recognize and balance the chakras.  Using known snakes and their behavior to help us recognize our own energetic imbalances, this deck enables both novices and advanced energetic practitioners to easily identify, connect with, and balance this important element of our bodies, minds, and souls.  Each card include an image of a specific serpent atop a collage of the colors associated with the chakra. The accompanying guidebook provides a description of the snake, its connection to the specific chakra with which it is associated, wisdom to help focus on the chakra, and a specific strategy to help balance the chakra.

How to Obtain the Deck

I have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of this deck. It’s an ambitious project but I believe in it with every fiber of my being. Please consider backing the project and opening yourself to the wisdom serpents have to offer us, as well as a deeper understanding of our bodies’ energy centers. There are The a few different reward levels that offer items beyond just the deck for those who are interested.

Whether or not the project is fully funded, I will move forward with bringing this deck into the world. For now, I trust that the Universe will put this campaign, this blog post, and this deck in front of the people who will support it and find it a meaningful addition to their spiritual practice.

Published by Lisa R. Barry, Ph.D.

Life Story Coach, Shamanic Life Coach, Reiki Master, WomanSpeak Circle Leader, Tarot & Oracle Reader, Wisdom of the Serpent Oracle & Guidebook Creator, Witch, Chakra Healer, Crystal Junkie, Author, Scholar, Former College Professor (25yrs), Speaker, Crazy Cat Lady, Hippie Liberal Feminist

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